Disney is rumored to be acquiring an NFT collection

A rumor is circulating on Twitter that the entertainment conglomerate Walt Disney wants to acquire an NFT collection.

Is Disney acquiring an NFT collection? 

The rumors started yesterday when Jamie Burke tweeted, “Rumour is Disney is about to make a big NFT acquisition.” he continued: “If it happens, it would be the biggest deal to date in the industry. Interestingly, a source close to the situation told Cryptonary that Disney is considering acquiring an NFT company or collection, but he was unable to specify which one.

Disney has long been involved in the NFT space, with its first series of collectibles, Golden Moments NFTs, released on November 12th of last year. At the end of January, it also released a collection featuring iconic Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse and Donald, and both collections were available on the VeVe platform. As a result, several people in the comments speculated that Disney was acquiring VeVe, to which Burke responded, “Yeah, it’s not VeVe.”

The NFT space is speculating on who it could be 

Although Walt Disney’s acquisition of an NFT collection would be a huge step forward for the NFT space, it is unclear what would be acquired. The NFT community has been speculating about the possibilities. Given Disney’s ownership of ESPN, some speculate that Disney may acquire Dapper Labs. Others questioned whether it was Coolman’s Universe because Coolman Coffeedan stated on Discord that he was meeting with Disney, but a Discord moderator quickly clarified that this was a false rumor later today.

Users on Twitter are also drawing parallels between this situation and Nike’s acquisition of RTFKT Studios, in which a large, multinational corporation purchased a growing NFT project. There were also rumors that Nike would make the purchase a few days before the announcement, but there are few details so far, and Disney has yet to confirm any of the rumors.

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