Invisible Friends

Invisible Friends is from animator Markus Magnusson, who brings 5,000 invisible walking characters to life. Markus Magnusson is rightfully known as Motion Markus, and if you take a look at his Vimeo, you can see why.

The Invisible Friends project is set to go live in February of 2022 and has already gained a massive following of Discord (250k+ members) and Twitter (373k followers).

If you are not lucky enough to beat the odds and mint one of the 5,000 characters, Markus has launched a very well designed merch bundle which can be found here.

Even the illustrator of the Crypto Baristas project is in love with Invisible Friends and can be seen speaking about the project on his blog about Best Illustrated NFT Projects of 2022

I know I already talked about a walking project, but it is a highly complex animation sequence to create. And in my opinion — if the character needs to walk in place as a loop, it is incredibly more difficult. This project takes my fear and walks all over it—pun intended.

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