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My fitness experience began in the musty depths of my parents’ basement, at the emotionally composed age of 13, straining to grow hair on my chest by bench pressing a couple plastic plates loaded with sand while listening to Usher’s Confessions album.

Maybe it was the lyrics from Usher’s “burn” speaking to me or just a newfound ~passion of fitness~, I then began an 8 year spell of powerlifting 6 days a week – a regretful move for my shoulders, knees, and spine. That decision led me down a serendipitous path studying athletic performance at UConn, injury rehabilitation at a half dozen outpatient therapy centers, and the sciences behind weight loss and behavior modification with some outstanding mentors.

Now, after 5 years at an *unnamed* luxury gym, I’ve worked with nearly every type of human being: CEOs, CFOs, grandmas, collegiate and professional athletes, bankers, NARPs, lawyers, doctors, yuppies, and ineffably rich international students. All I’m missing are toddlers and rich toddlers (referrals open).

Years working with successful, type-a, tycoons has taught me many valuable lessons, but most notably: you don’t need to live perfectly to get what you want. Each and every person has something they care about; whether it’s your job, going out, video games, meeting your special someone, leaving your special someone, your pets, or just looking your best – fitness plays a role in whatever that is – it’s just a matter of finding out how, why, and the most efficient path for you.

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