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While there is no hype for NFT projects currently since we are into a bare market, there are some projects quietly building and developing. Now is the most important time to make the difference because those who work in these difficult times will be generously rewarded when the market goes up again. Building from scratch based on an innovative idea and aiming to create a top tier community, Metafathers is ready to disrupt the NFT world.


Metafathers is an emerging NFT project being warmed up in a bear market and the reason is that now it is the best time to build. Becoming an owner of a Metafathers NFT you will have  access to a members only VIP group and be able to connect with likeminded people. Welcome to the future of people where the best info is filtered and introduce to you for future reference.

The vision of the project is to be the only one community for crypto lovers, people who already invest in the field but also for people who want to start and don’t know how. Here you will be lucky to be introduced to emerging projects before they become mainstream and get inside info before everybody knows about it. Along with the right guidance, this is the only way to succeed in a constantly changing environment and to stay safe a way from common scams.


Multiple X gems, solid altcoins and promising investment opportunities will be offered to members of Metafathers NFT project. Real utility and guidance from professional people you can trust.

Investing calls

  • long term altcoins
  • 10-100x treasury
  • Bare market strategy breakdown


  • Weekly AMAS
  • Personal coaching-mentorship
  • Market news politics updates

Trading signals


Metafathers is on a mission to create the next bear market millionaires and provide income to thriving individuals via each innovative marketing strategy. Join a worldwide entrepreneurial spirit community and spread our vision by becoming an affiliate and earning 50% of the monthly subscription referrals. Secure a steady income which will allow you to grab the bare market opportunity today and profit as mush as possible tomorrow.


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Twitter: @metafathers


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