Metakids NFT

Tokenization Bitcoin Mining By Defi Stakeholders Ltd

What digital Metakids is?

The digital Metakids is a collection of 800 unique digital
collectibles living on the Polygon blockchain. Your metakid
is increasing value as considered your Bitcoin mining token.
Hence, it grants access to Defi Stakeholders Bitcoin mining
farm. This is the 1st NFT mining project and each Metakid
will correspond to 5 TH of Bitcoin mining power.

First presale took place successfully and a second drop will be announced soon.

What Metakids offer?

• Enter in the bitcoin mining with the least amount of 515$.
• All the miners are hosted in our facilities providing our clients with included
services such as electricity cost, maintenance costs, and operational costs.
• Our team consists of experts in computer science and hardware who commit
to increase the clients´ profitability.
• Review and map the portfolio of clients, giving them accurate updates with
data from Bitcoin global network.
• Incorporate NFTs into this project, push considerably the new trend of
tokenization and actual effectiveness of blockchain technology in humanity.
• Use renewable energy pretending the negative impact in the environment,
unlikely the traditional miner.

Investment Opportunity

As we mentioned above, each NFT will have a floor
price of 515$ (the NFT price fluctuates in regards to Bitcoin).
We will use this price for our example. 1 NFT= 5 TH Investor A: own 12 NFTs=
60 TH Every 15 days, the payout will be in his/her Bitcoin wallet. ( 0.009852
BTC/ a month, current price 209.63$ ) today’s data from bitcoin
mining calculator.
The breakeven point is defined between 25-30 months at the current price, 16-
20 months using the average price of 2022, and 10-12 months using the
average price of 2021.
Recommended Case 1: Bitcoin price recovers at 35000$, the investor could
sell the NFTs at 40% higher price. The project tends to hold the NFT price tied
to Bitcoin price.
Recommended Case 2: Bitcoin price has a new all-time high in a couple of
years and the investor sells the earning at 70000$. The holding will be worth
(0.236448 Btc * 70000= 16551$ + the NFTs value). Thus, this investment can
create profit more than 400% in just 2 years.

In essence, our investors do not have to face challenges given they will not
have to deal with any sort of operations and management of the miners. They
take risks according to how they will handle the situation about managing their
earnings since the beginning. It is highly recommended for them be holders
instead of swapping BTC into dollar until they reach the breakeven point.
(Amortization´s measureExample: Let us assume that Investor A starts the
bitcoin mining at a current price and bitcoin retraces to 15 and 12k
respectively, then if the investor sells his/her earnings, the breakeven will get
even later over time. Should keep the daily earnings which are supposed to be
even higher (the difficulty level of the network decreases as long as the price
remains low), he/she would have sold as soon as the market would have
recovered shortly reaching the breakeven point much faster.

Mine with Defi Stakeholders – Fix the money Fix the world.

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